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Digital media for a digital audience

The Islamic Globe – a weekly update on the main news stories that you need to know about in the world of Islamic finance.

TheIslamicGlobe.com – is an Islamic finance repository of information about the industry and a social media site where participants can get involved with each other and share insights, contacts and knowledge. TheIslamicGlobe.com will rapidly establish itself as a must-visit for the professional and investor alike – with news, views, insights and thought provoking longer pieces geared at getting the industry thinking.

Print media for a posterity and longevity

The Arab Business Leaders Series is a celebration of the lives of some of the most influential modern Arab business leaders alive today.      

As the Arab world takes its rightful place at the centre of modern business development and thought, the lack of ‘Arab business heroes’ is seen as one the main impediments to the further development of the next generation of Arab leaders.
The Arab Business Leaders Series of biographies looks at the incredible lives of some of the region’s most successful leaders and biggest thinkers.

Enquire about the series – sent to sales@eaglemontmedia.com